Storage FAQ

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What is climate control?

The Climate is controlled through high efficiency gas burning heaters, professional level de-humidifying systems and building architecture.
Why do I need a climate controlled unit?
Climate controlled units will better protect your items. The temperature and humidity is maintained year-round to ensure your valuables are protected from any damage that fluctuating temperatures can cause.
Are my possessions safe?
Very safe, the building itself is all brick and extremely secure. You will be given an access code to enter the building plus, you place your own lock on your individual unit. All entrances/exits are monitored with video equipment with any movement recorded onto a DVR.
Are my possessions insured?
We insure our building but not the customer’s contents. The most cost effective way to insure off site belongings is through your homeowners or renters insurance. StorSmart insurance is also available.
How do I pay for my storage unit?
Payment can be made multiple ways. The preferred method is auto-payment but checks and cash are accepted and online bill pay is also an option.
What hours are you open?
Access hours for existing customers is from 5am to 8 pm / 7days a week. Office hours are 8:30am – 5pm Mon.- Fri., Saturday 9am – 3pm.
What happens if I don’t pay my bill on time?
We can work with individual customers and their specific needs.