exterior_signRead Street Self Storage is a climate controlled storage facility located in the heart of Portland, Maine. It is a formidable structure, cement, brick, steel and with all three stories it is close to 85,000 sq. ft. The building was built 90 years ago for First National Bakery and still houses mixers larger than the average family vehicle. It is rumored that to recreate this building today as it currently exists would be an estimated 30 – 40 million dollars. The interior walls are all ceramic tiled and elaborate hardwood flooring were all original and were specifically chosen because the surfaces were easy to clean for food preparation. The exterior brick walls of the facility are over 3’ thick and contain an empty cavity that goes around the entire building.

Simply put, it is a building inside of another building; this was designed and built to create a cave like effect to help control warm weather temperatures for their baking needs before air conditioners were in existence. Other features include sound dampening panels to help minimize the interior noise levels. All this enables us to provide a wonderful re-use of an old building with specific architectural attributes helpful to us now as a climate controlled storage complex.

Read Street Self Storage opened for business in December 2008 serving the storage needs of customers throughout the greater Portland area.

Features that set us apart from the competition include:

  • the most technologically advanced surveillance and property management system,
  • easy drive in loading bays,
  • a completely renovated building including new HVAC for climate controlled storage,
  • and “green” friendly, a natural self storage climate controlled location.

Plus, Read Street Self Storage supports its community as members of the Greater Portland Chamber of Commerce and actively support through advertising and direct contribution numerous charitable events and causes. We are affiliated with Gorham Self Storage which has been in business since 2001.